OSSG Osteoporosis Sydney Support Group

Achieving our Aims and Objectives

The OSSG achieves our aims and objectives by

  • Providing education and exercise programmes run by specialist physiotherapists for all interested people regardless of physical fitness.
  • Providing ongoing weekly exercises classes.
  • Providing second monthly lecture and information sessions conducted by specialists in various fields related to Osteoporosis and general well-being including such topics as treatment of Osteoporosis, balance, HRT etc.
  • Providing second monthly newsletters covering current issues related to Osteoporosis, new developments in treatment, latest research findings and news of forthcoming events for members of the OSSG.
  • Providing seminars for General Practitioners and the general public on osteoporosis.
  • Providing social activities for members of the OSSG.
  • Providing a phone in support service.
  • Providing psychological support.
  • Providing social support such as hospital visits, get well cards and the like.
  • Taking part in state, national and international osteoporosis events such as National Healthy Bones Week, International Year of the Elderly, World Osteoporosis Day, Senior Citizen's Week and many more.